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Casper firefighter and musician Pat Stafford’s new “fast-moving rocker” available on Thanksgiving

Casper firefighter and country-rocker Pat Stafford (Facebook)

CASPER, Wyo —  Casper firefighter and country-rocker Pat Stafford’s newest single will drop at midnight on Thanksgiving, but he told Oil City News that “Love and Do It Again” isn’t about turkeys.

“Everyone’s had a heartache,” Stafford said. “It’s a story of how we always keep looking for the one that’s perfect until it’s absolutely right.”

With the chorus “We go out and fall in love and do it again,” this “fast-moving rocker” simultaneously evokes both the initial passion of grade-school infatuation and the somber realization that a former lover has found “a real good guy.”

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Due to COVID-19 this year, Stafford’s usual group has been unable to meet, and his lead guitar player Michael Trott has moved to Colorado.

Instead, Stafford worked with Casper-based Lion Heart Recording to record the vocals and rhythm guitar. TuneDesigner studios in Georgia secured performers for bass, lead guitar, and drums.

“It was a totally new process,” Stafford said, with “a lot of Dropbox-ing back and forth.”

Though he’ll be excited to play live with a band again when the time is right, Stafford said he enjoyed the process and the control it gave him over the finished product.

“I don’t say yet ’til it’s exactly what I heard in my head,” he said. He added that he was able to vocalize his ideas for the lead melody and that the lead guitar player in Georgia delivered exactly what he wanted.

“I’d tell him, ‘this part is sassy,…” Stafford said, and that the performers delivered on his notes.

“It’s an amazing time for music,” he said of the flexibility and collaborative opportunities modern technology affords.

Like many of his other songs,“Love and Do It Again” is based on a strong hook, or melody line, which he whistles at the beginning and end of the song. He debuted it around a campfire with friends this summer at Flathead Lake, Montana.

“When my friends and family and kids and everything start whistling the melody, too, I know: I got something here,” he said.

Stafford said his work is strongly influenced by his love for 90s country. He released this single instead of holding it for a future album because it has “kept [his] heart in music and I just had to get it out in the world.”

The release is partially in honor of country legends like Joe Diffie, John Prine, and Kenny Rogers, who passed away this year.

The tune will drop on Stafford’s website and on iTunes starting at 12:00 am on Thanksgiving.

It debuted Wednesday, Nov 24, on Sheridan-based Cowboy Joe Radio during The Takeover show hosted by Jeff Rickett from 6:00-8:00 pm.

Hear Stafford’s catalogue on YouTube, including: