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Stage III’s production of mystery-drama ‘Proof’ enters final weekend Friday

Stage III's Mary McPherson and William T. Wallace in Proof, with poster (Stage III, Oil City composition)

CASPER, Wyo. — Stage III’s production of the mystery-romance-drama Proof, written in 2000 by David Auburn, will enter its final weekend April 1–3. 

“This is one of the best productions they’ve done in many years,” retired English professor Bruce Richardson told Oil City. “The audience I saw it with opening night was riveted. … At two points during the play, the audience gasped. I’ve not heard that happen too often.”

The play follows Catherine, a young woman investigating the notebooks of her recently deceased father, a brilliant but troubled mathematician. The drama unfolds with the arrival of her estranged sister and the meeting of Hal, one of her father’s former students.

“Over the long weekend that follows, a burgeoning romance and the discovery of a mysterious notebook draw Catherine into the most difficult problem of all: How much of her father’s madness — or genius — will she inherit?” Stage III said. 

The play is directed by Marty Scott

Richardson said, “The excellence of the play is that it’s a tight little thing that covers a lot of ground very efficiently, and it gives you a lot: You want a family father-daughter story? You got that. You want competition between sisters? You got that. You want a budding romance that’s going wrong? You got that.“

Richardson said it’s also a pointed exploration of the worries, anxiety, and competition within the high-stakes world of academia.

“It’s pretty exciting stuff; the mystery part of it is very compelling and doled out … in a way that keeps the audience interested.”

Richardson also commended on the versatility of the cast, production designers, and director Marty Scott.

The cast list for Proof is as follows.

  • Catherine – Mary McPherson
  • Robert – Kenneth Marken
  • Clair – Tessa Coscino
  • Hal – William T. Wallace

The final performances are:

  • Friday, April 1: 7:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, April 2: 7:30 p.m.
  • Sunday, April 3: 2:00 p.m.

Tickets are $13.50 for adults and $11.50 for students and seniors. They can also be purchased at the theater up to an hour before the performance.