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BACKSTORY: Haunted Happenings Inside the Historic Elks Lodge

The Casper Elks Lodge No. 1353 building is on the National Register and has been a local landmark since 1921. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

Fraternity clubs were all the rage back in the day, and during the oil boom in the 1920s Casper’s Elks were flush with cash.

In 1921 the Casper Elks Lodge No. 1353 commissioned their grand building on the corner of E. 7th and Center St. in central Casper. The beautifully detailed building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1997. Aside from regular Elks usage, the building’s large hall on the second story is available to rent for events and weddings.

With a building of this style and age, one can’t help but think there are unseen forces inside who never want the party to end. The Paranormal Research Society of Casper has documented numerous cases of strange feelings and sightings inside those historic walls. They have generously supplied us with a summary of their information:

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Date of investigation: 10/2/2011

Interview w/Elk’s member


  • In the kitchen
    • Items have flown off the shelves
    • Apparition has been seen near the back stairs and said, “Bet you didn’t expect to see me here, did ya?”  The apparition was followed where he disappeared around a corner.
    • A back metal door was slammed by an unknown force
  • Dining room
    • Feeling of being watched
  • Service stairwell
    • “Creeped out” feelings
  • Employee bathroom
    • Garbage can slid across the floor on its own
    • People refuse to use it because it feels like someone is in there
  • Upstairs bathroom
    • Smell of cigar smoke
    • The light has gone on/off on its own
    • Feeling as if someone is going to “bump” into you
  • Bar
    • Person was sitting in front of a mirrored sign, they saw the reflection of “someone” directly to their left.  Something felt “off” about it.  This person picked a former Elk’s member (deceased) out from the photographs lining the staircase as the gentleman standing next to them.
  • Ballroom
    • Music is heard when no events are occurring
    • Chairs can be heard sliding around on the floor
    • Footsteps are heard
    • Apparition of a woman in a white lace dress has been seen
  • Men’s bathroom near ballroom
    • Cigar smoke is smelled often
    • Feelings of being touched
  • Women’s bathroom near ballroom
    • Apparition of a woman putting on makeup in the vanity mirror
    • Perfume is smelled often
  • Bar in the ballroom
    • “Cuss Jar” flew from the shelf, hit the bar & shattered


Activity usually occurs after 11 PM after the “toast” to members passed.  And more often on busy nights.

Thanks to Lisa Lauderdale for the information.