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Backstory: Shop Casper…in 1957!

Santa refreshes, relaxes and rejuvenates on a new vibrating reclining chair in an ad from Dec. 18. 1957. According to the ad (seen in full below), the chair retailed for $119.95, or $1,037.92 in today’s dollars according to the CPI Inflation Calculator.

There was a time long ago…before Amazon and even before shopping malls…when holiday shoppers looked at their local newspaper and drove downtown for all of their shopping needs.

We took a look at a copy of the Casper Morning Star from Dec. 18, 1957 to get an idea of what Casper holiday shoppers might be buying nearly 60-years ago.

If you use your imagination, you might be able to picture a downtown Casper that was the center of local commerce. Everything from clothes to toys to large appliances were all within walking distance.

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Rocky Mountain Tire and Supply at 211 W. Railroad advertised a GE B&W television set and “free parking” on Dec. 18, 1957. The $218 television equates to around $1,893.45 in today’s dollars. The 262 square inches measurement equals around 19″ measured diagonally. 
Fordyce Furniture Mart was located at 114 W. Midwest. The lot is now part of an office building at 100 W. Midwest.
Sunbeam appliances are proudly displayed in an ad by Metcalf’s at 323 S. Center, which is now The Book Exchange.
A Mongomery Wards ad shows Casper’s store decked out for the holidays. The building is now Market Square on Second Street downtown, and Wards went out of business in the late-90s.
“Action of the Tiger” is the main feature advertised by The America. The movie didn’t make waves with critics and is basically forgotten, however its supporting actor Sean Connery and director Terence Young worked together some years later in the Bond classic “Dr. No”.
The Rialto featured “The Weapon” and “Yaqui Drums”.
The Rex theater showed “Two Grooms for a Bride” this week in 1957. The theater located at S. Center was demolished in the late 1970s.
Frozen pizza for Christmas! “Buy pizza pie for your holiday parties and entertaining…” exclaimed the copy for The Pizza King. Pizza King had an address at 500 S. Center “rear of Kal’s”, but their pizza was available at various Casper locations. 500 S. Center is now occupied by Bush-Wells Sporting Goods.
An ad for Smirnoff Vodka proclaims, “Give the Vodka of Vodkas…in the Pinnacle decanter.”
Ayres Jewelry was a downtown Casper staple for decades before closing in 2013. Their clock is still standing on Second Street.
The Holiday was located in the Henning Hotel lobby. The Henning was demolished in the late 1970s.