Signs were placed in The Casper Journal racks to alert readers that the free weekly newspaper would no longer be printed. (Oil City News)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Casper Journal, a free weekly newspaper owned and printed by The Casper Star-Tribune, has printed its final copy.

Tracy Rouch with Lee Enterprises confirmed to Oil City News that the Aug. 17, 2022, edition of The Casper Journal —printed Aug. 15 — was its last, while The Casper Star-Tribune will continue to print five days a week. In 2020, the daily newspaper stopped printing Monday and Tuesday editions.

The Casper Journal was available at various locations throughout Casper, Bar Nunn, Evansville and Mills. It was acquired by The Casper Star-Tribune in 2004, and in 2017 the Journal’s website was moved to become part of