Oil City

Casper City Council took a moment during the regular meeting on Tuesday, May 2, to remember Casper Fire-EMS Captain Matthew Trott, who died after a battle with cancer. Capt. Trott was with the Casper Fire-EMS for 21 years, having served in the rank as Captain for 12 years.

During the council meeting, Councilperson Chris Walsh read a written statement allowed, remembering Trott. Immediately following the reading of the statement, a kilted bagpiper played Amazing Grace in an otherwise silent council chambers.

From the statement read by Councilperson Walsh:

On April 22nd, our city lost a great man, Casper Firefighter Matt Trott lost his battle with cancer. Captain Trott was example to us all, both in life and in the way he braved the event, the inevitable, but it is not how he died that we should remember.

It was the selfless and inspirational way that Captain Trott lived his life that we should always remember.

We tend to be drawn to those who possess what we wish we could unleash in ourselves, and we were drawn to Captain Trott.

People think ‘being successful’ means having a nicer car, or a bigger house. I believe the most successful people, give of themselves and make the community a better and safer place. Captain Trott demonstrated that quality for 21 years with the Casper Fire Department.

We will never know the countless people he helped, but we will certainly know that he lived his life, devoted to others. His positive outlook on life, his spirit of adventure, his moral and physical courage, and his tactical genius will not be forgotten.