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SNAPPED- Hidden Casper: The Municipal Garage

Oil City was able to retrieve these photos from our archives, when a staff member was in the old Plains building, and managed to remove a ceiling tile to snap this photo.

(File Photo, Oil City News)

The Municipal Garage was a topic considered by Casper City Council at a work session last Tuesday.  At issue was a potential land swap between a lot owned by the city and a lot owned by Phil Schmidt.

While details are still being ironed out, including an incongruence between the relative property values and a questions concerning demolition and asbestos abatement,  one thing stood out:  A Municipal Garage exists, on David Street, within the interior of the old Plains furniture building.

The City acquired the property last year, in anticipation of using the property for downtown support. However after it was discovered that a structure, attached to the historic firehouse, existed within the structure of the Plains furniture building, plans for a deal began to take shape.  Currently the city of Casper has discussed the possibility of a deal that would allow Phil Schmidt to own the currently hidden portions of the firehouse, also-known-as “The Municipal Garage,” and the city would take possession of land that is adjacent to the currently-under-construction David Street Station.

Negotiations for a possible land swap of the properties is currently being considered.

Oil City was able to retrieve these photos from our archives.  They were taken when a staff member was in the old Plains building several months ago.  The photos were taken from a ladder, after a ceiling tile was lifted and the photographer was able to see the disused structure.

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(File Photo, Oil City News)
(File Photo, Oil City)