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City Reminds of Weed Ordinance

Property, including alleys and sidewalks, must be maintained free of weeds, dandelions, and other "noxious vegetation..."


As warmer temperatures descend on the Platte River Valley, The City of Casper is reminding people of their obligations regarding weeds and other unwanted vegetation that can show up on private properties.

In a statement sent to media on Monday, the City of Casper reminds property owners as well as tenants, in both commercial and residential areas, that private property, including the abutting alleys and sidewalk and parkway areas, must be maintained free of weeds, dandelions, and other “noxious vegetation” that are in excess of eight-inches in height.

The City of Casper says that they will notify offenders only once, in any calendar year, of a weed violation. In these cases and property owner or tenant will be given ten-days to remove the violation. If the violation is not removed or other arrangements made, the City says that they can either mow the property and assess the costs to the property owner or tenant, or file a complaint through Municipal Court for non-compliance of the City ordinance.

If you have any questions, or would like to report a “weed” violation, contact the Code Enforcement Department at (307) 235-8254