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Time Lapse Shows Hundreds Of Planes Arriving At NCIA For Eclipse

A screen grab from a time lapse video showing the arrival of eclipse tourists at the Natrona County International Airport on Monday morning in Casper. Planes arrived every 2 minutes starting at 5:45 in the morning. (Courtesy)

A time lapse video made by professional videographer Angel Andres shows the flood of eclipse tourists flying into the Natrona County International Airport on Monday morning.

In a little under two minutes, the video compresses hours of airplane traffic and handling, as well as the eclipse itself.

Airport administration had spent two years preparing for over 200 private aircraft to fly in, watch the eclipse and then fly back out on the same day. The airport was just about at parking capacity as of last week, according to an earlier interview with airport director Glenn Januska. No incidences were reported. The airport’s Facebook page is filled with photos and videos of eclipse tourists who flew into Casper just to see the eclipse. Commercial air flights were also added around the event.

On Wednesday Januska said the control tower operated by the Federal Aviation Administration reported 382 operations, which includes takeoffs and landings. It was the third highest single day of traffic in the airport’s history, behind days in 1993 and 1995, according to Januska.

The private aircraft were handled, coordinated and hosted by the private contractor Atlantic Aviation, which is located at the NCIA. Atlantic put up tents and brought in catered food for the eclipse travelers.

You can watch the video below: