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City of Casper To Discontinue Grocery Store Payment Dropboxes


For many years, the City of Casper collected water bill payments at grocery store drop boxes. These small wooden boxes were placed near the front of local grocery stores.

City officials said in a press release Monday that use of these boxes has diminished over the years, so the City will cease to collect payments from them effective October 15, 2017.

Taking payments in this way used to be a common business practice. At one time, these drop boxes were divided into six different compartments so that people could pay their water bill, cable bill, Star-Tribune newspaper bill, phone bill, and natural gas bill all at the same location. However, over the years, accepting drop box payments has become less and less common. The phone company, currently CenturyLink, the cable company, currently Charter, and the Casper Star-Tribune stopped collecting from these boxes years ago. Black Hills Energy stopped using them earlier this year.

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The grocery store boxes are now only used by the City of Casper and by Rocky Mountain Power. Only about 1% of the City’s water bills are now being paid at grocery stores.

Both the City of Casper and Rocky Mountain Power will continue to collect payments from the drop boxes located at Casper City Hall. Unlike the grocery store drop boxes, the City Hall boxes continue to be highly utilized.

For more information, call the City of Casper’s Customer Service desk at (307) 235-8400.