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Casper City Council votes to sell on Ash Street properties

(Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

The Casper City Council has voted, in a split decision, to sell two parcels of land on Ash Street, south of David Street Station.

The vote came following a passionate and well-attended comment period on the issue, where several people spoke on both sides of the issue, with Councilperson Shawn Johnson commenting that over two hours of the regular meeting had been devoted to the subject.

The three properties, identified as the old Ka-Lark’s gymnastics building, a “horse barn,” and the site of the old Milo’s Toyota were part of an acquisition by the City of Casper, which also included the Plains Furniture building.

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Casper City Council heard proposals from three businesses with bids on the properties in November. One was an idea for development of the area to include business spaces on the first floor with market value loft space available on upper floors. Another was the relocation of a Casper cupcake bakery. The third was for an expansion by a Casper-based apparel and screen printing business.

The spaces will go to the highest bidder. Only one bid had been submitted for the Milo’s Toyota building, by Ashby construction. The proposals for the apparel company and the bakery were both for the Ka-Lark’s building, with 1890 Craft Apparel winning the bid.

Several members of council, including Mayor Kenyne Humphrey and Vice Mayor Ray Pacheco, said that there were problems inherent in the original Request for Proposals. Jesse Morgan underlining the fact that council had not seen language on the proposals before the request was made.