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City of Casper: Ofc. Carlson will remain on administrative leave

FILE- Officer Jacob Carlson and Chief Keith McPheeters salute after Carlson was honored with a medal of valor and a Purple Heart at David Street Station. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

The city of Casper says that they’ve come to an understanding with Officer Jacob Carlson, his attorney, and his family.

Carlson, an officer with the Casper Police Department, was injured earlier this year in a gunfight with an armed suspect. The suspect was killed in the exchange, Carlson suffered life-threatening injuries.

Last week, letters were released to media by Carlson and his attorney, alleging that Carlson had been asked to return to duty at the Casper Police Department, against doctors recommendations.

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City Manager Carter Napier denied the allegations at a press conference last week. Casper Police Chief Keith McPheeters said, at a separate press conference, that he had drafted a memo based on his understanding of Carlson’s health. McPheeters claimed that he did not see documentation from doctors until after the memo was written.

The City of Casper now says that an understanding has been reached.

A full text of the City of Casper Statement is below:

On Tuesday, August 28, 2018, Officer Jacob Carlson, with his wife and attorney, met with City Manager Carter Napier, Police Chief Keith McPheeters, and City Attorney John Henley. At that time, Officer Carlson expressed his hope to return to the Casper Police Department.

Through his attorney, Officer Carlson requested an additional eight weeks Leave of Absence, paid, and he would provide a revised medical release recommending he not be permitted to work during the agreed upon eight weeks of time. The City of Casper was agreeable to this plan of action.

The City of Casper is looking forward to learning of Officer Carlson’s further improvement and, if he desires, his return to work with the City of Casper.