City of Casper issues statement regarding drinking water concerns

The Casper skyline is seen in the distance as the sun sets on the North Platte River in April, 2016. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

(UPDATE 11:51 am 11/29/18) City of Casper officials say that the citizen independent test results were taken from a private residence on Boots Drive, south of Gramin, in Casper

The City of Casper has released a statement late Thursday morning, after concerns were raised regarding the City of Casper’s drinking water.

According to the statement, test results from a private citizen lead to testing of area drinking water, by city crews. The city says that no water samples tested positive for fecal bacteria. However some did test positive for total coliform.

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The city says that some measures have been taken, and some pressure zone changes have been made, as a precationary measure. The city said that comprehensive test results are still forthcoming and would be released when they are available.

The full statement for the City of Casper follows:

“On Monday, November 26, 2018 the City of Casper received a call from a concerned citizen who privately tested the water from their household. The water tested positive for total coliform. The presence of total coliform is an indicator that other potentially harmful fecal bacteria could be present.

City crews responded immediately and took water samples from that house and the surrounding area. The results of those samples were mixed, with some positive for total coliform and some negative.

No water sample tested positive for fecal bacteria. As a precautionary measure, crews converted the neighborhood to a different pressure zone to increase chlorine residuals and water circulation.

The City of Casper sent additional samples to an independent lab on Wednesday, November 28, 2018. Initial results indicate no issues with the water. However, conclusive results will be available this afternoon and shared with the community as soon as they become available.

At no time have test results indicated that the tap water is not safe to drink. The City continues to take water quality seriously and performs water quality tests weekly throughout the city throughout the year.

The City will continue to release information as it becomes available.”