Recap: An Instagram weekend in the OC (Photos)

Sheila Cooper, at right, helps customers at Christmas Cottage on Friday afternoon in Casper. Shiela and her late husband, Dick, opened the store 30-years ago. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

Residents of the Oil City are taking in holiday season in all its glory.

In Recap, our editors select Instagram images that tell the story of the last 24 hours in the Oil City through the eyes of Casper residents.

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Such a fun night with some of my favorite people 💓

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Active Gratitude is something I am working to be better at. I have found it easy to be bitter, feel overwhelmed, and focus on pain and hardship these last five years. And while we are all human and must take the time to have compassion for and forgive those tendencies in ourselves, we also must recognize when we are making ourselves “sick” by dwelling longer than is helpful. We must remember all that is worth being grateful for. Only then can we find a way to truly move forward with our lives and find our way out of situations that are unhealthy or dangerous. . What I am trying to say is… I am incredibly grateful for these women. In the midst of my struggles, they are so often an eye in the storm. They help me to let all the chatter dissipate and inspire my deepest love and joy in music and the sharing of music to come forward with pure simplicity and lack of ego. Music for music’s sake (and all that that entails). I only hope I can be even a fraction of that to each of them. . #wyomingsymphony #horn #powerofwomen

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So this happened 😍

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some people are worth melting for 💚

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