City Council Puts Local Distilleries In High Spirits

A sample of Backwards’ new bourbon sits in a glass in the distillery. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

It is a good day to be a distiller in the city of Casper.

As one of its first acts of 2019, the Casper City Council voted to approve an amendment to the municipal code which will allow distilleries to obtain an alcohol permit for tasting rooms.

The third and final approval of the amendment comes as good news to local businesses like Backwards Distilling Company who sought approval for the amendment at Tuesday night’s first Council meeting of the year. The amendment successfully advanced during two earlier rounds of consideration.

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The amendment makes changes to allow properly licensed distillers to distribute liquor samples to tasting room visitors at satellite operations of the main distillery.

Tasting rooms are allowed to be separate from the distilling facility, and each distillery would be allowed one satellite tasting room.

Backwards supporters are celebrating the decision.

“I’m excited that the city of Casper has updated their ordinances to reflect state statues regarding distilleries.” said Backwards co-owner Amber Pollock. “Now there is opportunity for distilleries to operate tasting rooms in Casper.”

The change to the ordinance will go into effect 21 days from today’s hearing.

The motion was passed unanimously.