Billboard appeal blocked by City Council

The proposed billboard would have been located on the 1300 block of South Poplar St. near Pizza Hut. The City Council denied the Conditional Use Permit required. (Brendan LaChance, Oil City)

Some Poplar Street residents felt relief Tuesday night that their view of Casper Mountain would remain intact.

The City Council upheld its decision to deny a conditional use permit for a proposed billboard during 2019’s first Council meeting.

Several citizens who reside near the proposed location on South Poplar Street across from the Pizza Hut spoke out at the meeting against the billboard.

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“It is a nice and affordable neighborhood and the 35 foot billboard would be a huge eyesore,” local resident Tristie Ross told Oil City. “I don’t think I could enjoy the view from my backyard.”

Lamar Advertising had hoped to construct the billboard which is allowable provided a Conditional Use Permit is granted by the City Council.

“We believe it is well within the parameters of the C-2 zoning laws,” said attorney Tim Stubson during the meeting.

The Council ultimately voted to uphold their denial of the permit. Newly elected Casper Mayor Charlie Powell acknowledged that the issue was complicated because zoning laws in that area do allow commercial development like the proposed billboard but there are still many residential concerns. He explained during the meeting that he expects the area to become more commercial in coming years.

“That transition is not far enough along,” said Powell as to why he thought the Council chose to deny the appeal.