Proposed route changes to Casper’s The Bus could take effect in April

Courtesy of the City of Casper

By Brendan LaChance
Oil City Reporter

Casper bus riders may soon have some route changes to keep in mind.

The public comment period for the proposed changes comes to a close Thursday, Jan. 10, following the City Council’s review of the proposal conducted during their Tuesday evening Council meeting.

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When asked to forecast when riders could expect the proposed changes to take effect, Casper’s Metropolitan Planning Organization Supervisor Aaron Kloke explained that following further review by the MPO and City Council, any changes would likely take effect this spring.

“We’re shooting for early April,” Kloke told Oil City.

Kloke made it clear that an exact date has not been set because the public’s comments still need to be reviewed.

“We don’t want to make any conclusions before the public comment period ends,” he said.

CATC and The Bus’s Executive Director Marge Cole reiterated the concern Vice President Carol Crump voiced at Tuesday’s Council meeting.

“We’re hopeful that we’re not going to be impacting too many people,” said Cole regarding the proposed changes. “But anytime you make changes some of that is inevitable.”

The changes would affect the Red, Yellow, Green and Blue routes. Crump told the City Council at Tuesday’s meeting that the changes are expected to increase pick-up frequency in order to better service riders, to cut down on mileage driven and to save costs. She also made note of the fact that riders negatively impacted by the route changes would still have the option to call The Bus dispatch to request a route deviation or the door-to-door service provided by CATC.

The CATC and The Bus website does explain that route deviations cost more than the standard fare. General Fare for The Bus is $2.00 with route deviations compared to the standard $1.00 fare. The Reduced Fare price is $1.00 compared to the 50 cent reduced price point on standard routes.

Kloke said that the changes could be made final at the Feb. 6 City Council meeting. He noted that rider’s would be given at least 30 days notice in advance of any changes.

“We’d be putting up signs,” he explained.

Maps of the proposed changes were made available at the Tuesday, Jan. 8 City Council meeting. They are also available at the City’s website. (Courtesy of the City of Casper)


(Courtesy of the City of Casper)


(Courtesy of the City of Casper)