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Council highlights ‘We Read’ program as community bright spot

(Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

City Council invited “We Read” organizers to speak at their Tuesday, Feb. 5 meeting. The Council said that the literacy program is one of Casper’s “bright spots”.

“We Read” is a program that aims to help children in Casper improve their literacy. The program is a partnership between the school district, the library and the Casper Star-Tribune.

Program organizers told Council about the program and its effectiveness. Their mascot Platte the Pronghorn also made his first appearance at the meeting.

Casper Star-Tribune Publisher Dale Bohren told the Council that more than 450,000 books have been given to students through the program since 2010.

“We have simple goals,” Bohren said during the meeting. “Try to make literacy a community value.”

Natrona County Public Library Executive Director Lisa Scroggins said that helping improve graduation rates was a priority for the We Read program. She noted that high school graduation rates have ticked up since the program started.

NCSD Public Relations Officer Tanya Southerland shared her thoughts on the program, adding that Platte the Pronghorn would show up at some school district events in the future.

“The success of the program is greatly attributed to the support of parents/guardians, students, and community members who love reading and recognize the importance of literacy in our schools,” Southerland told Oil City. “The Natrona County School District greatly appreciates the partnership with the Casper Star Tribune and Natrona County Public Library in the We Read program.” 

City Council sets aside time at each meeting to recognize individuals or groups like the We Read program that it considers a “bright spot” in Casper.