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City Council February 12 work session agenda: liquor ordinance, wind energy, parking and more

The Casper City Council will hold a regular work session at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, February 12 in the Council Meeting Room at City Hall. The agenda for the work session includes the following:

  • Liquor Ordinance amendment. Council will continue to consider proposed changes to the Liquor Ordinance. They tabled the issue at the Feb. 5 Council meeting. They will consider the following according to a memo from Casper Police Department Captain of Field Operations Steve Schultz and City Attorney John Henley:
    • Council is set to discuss whether the proposed changes which make individuals and establishments responsible for over-serving alcohol also imply liability when over-served individuals commit criminal offences.
    • Council will also re-consider data on alcohol-related arrests.
    • A third aspect Council will consider is whether the proposed ordinance changes properly address special malt beverage permits.
    • Oil City’s previous coverage of the liquor ordinance changes can be found here and here.
  • A briefing on the planned Cedar Springs Wind Energy Project:
    • The project will be located north of Douglas in Converse County and will be owned and operated by NextEra Energy Resources, LLC and Rocky Mountain Power, according to a memo from Community Development Director Liz Becher. The project overview will allow the Council to consider its financial impact.
  • Restricted parking near Kelly Walsh and Natrona County High School:
    • A memo from City Attorney John Henley informs Council that residents on Linda Vista Drive are seeking assistance due to students parking in front of their homes. The memo explains that such parking concerns near both high schools may be a problem and asks Council to give direction on the issue.
  • Council’s outlook regarding property annexations:
    • A memo from multiple City officials asks Council to consider their philosophy on annexing properties into the City of Casper. The memo asks Council to begin to provide direction on both existing and future water and sewage contracts. It explains that more than 500 properties have signed “Commitment to Annex” contracts with the City because of requests to receive City water or sewage service. Some are now eligible for annexation.
  • Whether to authorize a pre-application to the Wyoming State Loan and Investment Board for an $8 million Clean Water State Revolving fund loan.
    • A memo from Public Services Director Andrew Beamer and Public Utilities Manager Bruce Martin explains that the loan would be for the North Platte Sanitary Sewer Interceptor Rehabilitation Project.
    • The memo explains that the existing sewer interceptor is a 47,000 foot long pipeline and is experiencing some corrosion. It explains that mitigating the corrosion now could save tens of millions dollars in future replacements and repairs.

The detailed agenda for Tuesday’s work session is available at the City’s website here.