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‘Horse Palace’ gets liquor license for its business in old ‘On the Border’ building

A worker removes signage from the On the Border restaurant on Friday, Aug. 31, 2018, in Casper. The Casper location of On the Border announced on its Facebook page that it would close immediately. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

The “Horse Palace”, a new legal gaming business located along Wyoming Boulevard in the old On the Border building, received City Council’s approval for a Bar and Grill Liquor License. Council authorized the issuance of the license during their Tuesday, March 5 meeting.

“We are always appreciative when people take a risk and invest in our community,” Mayor Charlie Powell said during the meeting.

Horse Palace owner Eugene Joyce said he expects the Bar and Grill License to be valid April 1. Joyce said the Horse Palace already opened the gaming side of the business Monday, March 4.

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“We hope to provide a venue that will be a point of pride,” Joyce told the Council.

The business provides legal electronic gaming based on historic paramutual horse-racing, according to Joyce. It also gives customers the opportunity to place bets on horse races that will be broadcast on the business’s television sets.

Joyce said the business will offer “American fare” style food. He said the Bar and Grill License will allow the business to serve alcohol, but that food sales must dominate the sales on the restaurant side of the business.

City Manager Carter Napier told the Council that the City has four remaining Bar and Grill Liquor Licenses it can issue.

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