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Bourgeois Pig hopes to bring good coffee to the masses

Josh Tinnell applies paint samples to the wall in Bourgeois Pig, the coffee shop he plans on opening soon. The shop is located in the former Crescent Moon, which closed earlier this year. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

Josh Tinnell knows what he wants and does not want in his new coffee shop.

He wants good coffee, made properly with Wyoming-roasted beans. He wants music and eclectic decor and permanent art for atmosphere.

What he does not want is poetry slams.

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“I’m so sick of art shows, so sick of poetry slams if I have to do another one I’m jumping out a window,” Tinnell laughed.

Poetry slams and art shows have been a winning formula in local coffee shops for years.

It’s a formula that works, but it’s a formula that involves a lot of sugar-infused drinks and keeps a loyal, younger crowd. Tinnell aims to keep the youthful feel but attract a more adult clientele.

“I want to focus on the craft but keep it fun,” he said.

Tinnell says the name Bourgeois Pig represents the middle class enjoying upper class luxury. It’s intended to be cheeky, echoing an atmosphere where high quality doesn’t equal snobby.

“Why should the one percent have the luxury of good coffee,” said Tinnell. “I’m going to make a real high quality product but sell it at a price point where anyone can come in and enjoy good coffee.”

Tinnell also plans on roasting his own beans, first for his coffee shop but then eventually to sell.

Nitro cold press coffee and various teas will be part of the mix, along with house-made cinnamon buns and pizza in the afternoons.

Tinnell’s coffee experience runs deep. He ran Casper’s Daily Grind in the 90s, but that was a different era.

“Trying to serve cappuccino to cowboys was difficult,” he said. He believes Casper’s tastes have become more sophisticated over the past twenty years.

After closing his first two Casper stores he left the state, working in a coffee shop in Lawrence, Kansas, and more recently enjoying the snowboarding bohemian life in Teton County, Idaho.

Tinnell was working at Metro after returning to Casper last year when Crescent Moon Coffee at 114 West Second Street suddenly closed. He immediately saw an opportunity.

With an investor behind him, he set about bringing Bourgeois Pig to life in the Crescent Moon’s previous space. The equipment is top notch, Tinnell said, so right now it’s a matter of redecorating, painting and working out his vision.

Tinnell plans to have the shop open in the next couple of weeks, with the coffee roasting coming along in the following months.

Tinnell hopes to become a part of the energy the Old Yellowstone District is generating. He encourages customers who buy records at Sonic Rainbow around the block to play them on a turntable he’ll have at the coffee shop.

“I can’t think of any other city I’ve been to that has a downtown like this,” he said. “It’s so underrated and underutilized and I like to see people revitalizing this downtown.”

“I love all the businesses down here and I want all of us to be able to work together.”