Mouthwash, glue and gasoline listed as illegal intoxicants in Riverton

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The Riverton City Council enacted an ordinance that names various volatile solvents, gases, aerosols, nitrates and alcohol based products as “illegal intoxicants’ during their March 19 Council meeting.

The products listed in the ordinance include things like glue, paint thinner, mouthwash, felt tip markers and deodorant.

The ordinance prohibits using any of the substances to alter mental and physical states.

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“A person commits the offense of unlawful use of a toxic substance if he inhales or ingests or possesses with the purpose to inhale or ingest, for the purpose of altering his mental or physical state, any toxic substance that is not manufactured for human consumption or inhalation,” the ordinance reads.

Ingesting or inhaling any of the substances covered by the ordinance could result in up to six months imprisonment and/or up to $750 in fines.

Riverton City Administrator Tony Tolstedt said that the ordinance does not affect the way any of the products are purchased or sold. It will not require any additional labeling on the products either.

Tolstedt said that the ordinance was recommended to the City Council by the City’s Solutions Committee. He said the committee aims to promote actions which help stem substance abuse in Riverton.

He added that the ordinance is similar to Wyoming statue.

“The majority of it mimics State statue,” Tolstedt said.

The ordinance lists several categories of substance that are considered “illegal intoxicants” and gives examples in each category.

Those are as follows (the examples given are not exhaustive):

  • Volatile solvents:
    • paint thinner
    • gasoline,
    • correction fluid
    • felt-tip markers
    • nail polish remover
    • glue
  • Aerosols containing propellants and solvents such as toluene:
    • spray paint
    • deodorant
    • hair products
    • cooking products
    • fabric protectors;
  • Gases:
    • butane
    • refrigerants
    • organic hydrocarbons not created for human ingestion, inhalation or injection
  • Nitrates:
    • cyclohexyl nitrate
    • amyl nitrate
    • butyl nitrate.
  • Alcohol based products, in any form:
    • mouthwash
    • hand sanitizer
    • extracts
    • other similar substances

The Riverton City Council passed the ordinance on third reading during their March 19 meeting. They passed it on previous readings Feb. 19 and March 5.

The ordinance went into effect on March 22.

The full text of the ordinance is available at the City of Rivertion website here.