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Casper Shooters’ Club to continue operating Stuckenhoff Shooters’ Complex


CASPER, Wyo. — The Casper City Council authorized the renewal of Casper Shooters’ Club’s lease agreement to operate Stuckenhoff Shooters’ complex during their Tuesday, April 16 meeting.

“This facility was built in 1985, and has been operated by the Casper Shooters’ Club for the majority of that time,” a Park and Recreation Department memo reads.

The previous lease agreement expires on April 30. The new lease agreement will expire on April 30, 2020, but may be renewed annually up to four times.

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“The annual lease payments required of the groups operating the City’s recreational facilities have been standardized to $100 up to $500 a year depending on the level of support the group receives from the Parks Division and Building and Grounds Section,” states the memo.

“Since the Casper Shooters’ Club receives maintenance support from City staff to run the facility and their programs, their annual fee is $500.”

The memo states that no other groups have shown interest in operating the complex. It adds that no problems have arisen during the previous lease agreement.

The Stuckenhoff Shooters’ Complex is located at 2330 Station Road.