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Tapped In: Mouthful Burgers moves to Gruner Brothers Brewing

Mouthful owner Tyler Wood finishes a burger in the kitchen on Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2017, in Casper. Wood started the gourmet burger restaurant in 2016 in back of Moonlight Liquors. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — Mouthful owner Tyler Wood is poised to make the biggest change in his business since it opened in August, 2016.

“We are super thrilled, we’ve gone from a little tiny kitchen to a mansion of a kitchen,” said Wood.

Mouthful recently announced plans to move into Gruner Brothers Brewing’s building, which opened last year in the old Petroleum Club.

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“We have a new (employee) and he told me, ‘It’s like I got adopted by a new family and now we’re moving to a mansion.'”

Co-owner Ben Gruner looks over charts as the crew gathers around the control panel as Gruner Brothers produces their first ever beer in the new brewery on Thursday, Oct. 18, 2018, in Casper. The brewery is housed in the former Petroleum Club building. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

Tucked away inside Moonlight Liquors & Lounge on 12th Street since opening, Mouthful has steadily gained a reputation for it’s elevated hamburgers.

The move from Moonlight to the new Gruner Brothers Brewing will not only give Mouthful more visibility, but vastly expand their kitchen space.

“I’m going from about 200 square feet to a 2,000 square foot kitchen,” said Wood. “It’s ridiculously huge.”

The new kitchen will allow Wood and his staff to slash wait times and add more ingredients for his burger creations. He also will work with Gruner’s brewers to pair sauces and burgers with their beer.

“We’ll have a lot more ability to do crazy burger specials, we just have a lot more room to do that,” said Wood. “In a small kitchen you trip up on step to step by adding too many things to a burger because we didn’t have any surface space.”

Gruner Brothers Brewery co-owner Ben Gruner said he believes Mouthful will be a good fit.

“For us, we have this great facility in the kitchen that we spent a lot of money rebuilding, so getting somebody in there to utilize it and help our customers and their business, we’re all excited for it,” said Gruner.

Wood has been planning an expansion for some time, but he didn’t find a good fit until the Gruner Brothers opportunity arose.

Wood is bringing his staff of 10 to the new operation, and says he’ll likely hire a few more. Tables will be served by staff from Mouthful and Gruner Brothers.

Wood says food trucks will still visit Gruner Brothers on Wednesdays. “The more the merrier, I’m not a greedy guy,” he said.

In addition to adding Mouthful, Ben Gruner will also be partnering with Wind City Sweets & Treats to add house-baked pretzels and sweets to the menu. In addition, he says the bakery is planning to house-bake Mouthful’s buns.

Mouthful is making the transition into Gruner Brothers Brewing over the next couple of weeks, but Wood says everything should be finalized by the middle of May.

The brewery’s hours will expand and will be announced soon, said Gruner.

“It’s a partnership,” said Wood. “Their beer is great, our burgers are great and people love beer and burgers.”

Gruner Brothers Brewery is located at 1301 Wilkins Circle.