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Food truck owners ask City Council for designated parking lot

File; Patrons gather outside food trucks near the Platte River, in June of 2018. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — Two food truck owners expressed their desire for the Casper City Council to establish a designated food truck parking lot at the corner of David Street and Midwest Avenue during Council’s Tuesday, May 7 Council meeting.

Wyo Philly Wagon and Caputa’s Catering owner Rob Caputa addressed Mayor Charlie Powell, saying that he remembered the Council had previously brought up the possibility of creating such a parking lot.

Caputa told the Council that he organized Windy City Wednesdays at Sunrise Shopping Center last summer. Food trucks gathered at the parking lot there.

Councilman Steve Freel asked how many people attended those events.

“Last year, I averaged $2,000 and at $10 a sandwich, do the math,” Caputa said, adding that he thought the events averaged about 2,000 people in attendance.

Lefty’s BBQ and Catering owner Dave Hinton said that one reason he would like to have a food truck parking lot established is because he requires a temporary permit in order to operate.

“Mine is not enclosed so I have to operate off of temporary permites,” Hinton said of his mobile vending operation.

He added that the temporary permits he can obtain require special event locations, and said that a designated parking lot could allow him to obtain the necessary permits.

“For some reason, this food tuck issue became contentious and I’m not sure why,” Hinton said.

Both Hinton and Caputa said they thought food trucks provide economic benefits to the community.

Freel asked Caputa whether the parking lot he was proposing would be sufficient in size for the purpose of food truck events. Caputa said that he thought it was.

Powell thanked Caputa during the meeting for reminding the Council of the idea to designate a food truck parking lot.