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Rescued exotic birds to be relocated to Colorado wildlife foundation

Officers remove one of 8 large birds found inside a home on July 17, 2019. Sixty-five animals in all were taken from the residence and put in Metro Animal Shelter. (Brendan Lachance, Oil City)

Eight exotic birds rescued from an extreme hoarding situation will be transferred to a wildlife foundation in Colorado for rehabilitation.

According to a release from the Casper Police Department sent out on Sunday, workers from the Gabriel Foundation will pick up the birds today at 9 a.m. from Metro Animal Shelter, where they have been kept since July 17.

The forty-two dogs and fourteen cats also rescued from the house last month were adopted from the Metro Animal Shelter by members of the community. However, due to the unique needs and care of the endangered exotic birds, officials decided to seek specialized care.

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According to a statement in the release, the Gabriel Foundation “is a parrot welfare organization providing for the complete physical, psychological and environmental well-being of the parrots in our care.”

After the rehabilitation process, experts at the foundation will determine which of the animals may be suitable for adoption. People interested in adopting can start the application process at the foundation’s website. Casper Police Chief Keith McPheeters said in the release that Casper residents hoping to adopt will be given priority.

The animals were rescued on July 17, when police executed a search warrant on a house after neighbors complained of extreme foul smells.

Officers spent hours wearing protective clothing removing the animals from the home, which police say was covered in animal feces and filth.

The animals were transferred to Metro Animal Shelter, which was already near capacity at the time.

According to the Casper Star-Tribune, Deanne Gray was charged with 64 counts of animal cruelty and 16 counts of failure to remove dead animals.