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Man arrested for strangulation of household member on Saturday

Diego Padilla

A man was arrested and his information given to ICE after an alleged domestic battery incident on Saturday night in Casper.

According to a Casper Police Department affidavit, police responded to a trailer at Cacti Pl. for a report of a family fight.

After being allowed into the residence, police located Diego Padilla, 28, and a woman.

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According to the report, neither party spoke English, and police had no bilingual officers on duty.

The juvenile daughter of the alleged victim at the residence was asked to help translate for police.

According to the affidavit, the victim says Padilla had been drinking and became angry after she did not give him the keys to the car.

She said Padilla then pushed her against the wall and took the keys, and for unknown reasons threw them into the toilet.

He picked her up, took her to the bedroom where he pinned her arms to the side while straddling her, she said in the report. She yelled for someone to call 911, and Padilla placed “one hand over her mouth” and he “began to strangle her with his other hand.”

The woman said she could not breath and the strangulation lasted less than a minute. She believes she was nearly passed out when Padilla released his grip.

Through the juvenile translator, Padilla told police the two had planned to go out that night and that they “were only talking and there were no insults or hitting involved with the argument,” and claimed to have had only “2 to 3 beers.”

Padilla was asked about the marks on the woman and said “it happened when he hugged her.”

Police recommend charges of strangulation of a household member and contacted ICE in regards to Padilla’s immigration status and the charges being filed.