National Guard soldiers deploy to Middle East (Photos)

National Guard soldiers arrive at the Natrona County International Airport on Monday afternoon for the start of their deployment to the Middle East. (Photo courtesy Rebekah Ladd, CPD)

CASPER, Wyo. – Members of the Wyoming National Guard received a police escort as they caravanned to the Natrona County International Airport on Monday afternoon.

 Soldiers in A Battery, 2nd Battalion, 300th Field Artillery are being deployed to the Middle East, according to an earlier release from the Wyoming Military Department. A public ceremony was held on Sunday.

The soldiers will be assigned to the U.S. Central Command. They’ll fly to Cheyenne, then to Fort Bliss, Texas for mobilization training and finally to their assignments in the Middle East.

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Wyoming National Guard has seen recent deployments in Casper and in Cheyenne as conflicts in the Middle East continue.

Photos courtesy Rebekah Ladd, Casper Police Department.