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Property in Casper owned by East Elkhorn Ranch re-zoned, ranch expected to sell

(City of Casper)

CASPER, Wyo. — A portion of land owned by East Elkhorn Ranch has been re-zoned.

The 2.8 acre parcel located north of Wilkins Way was previously zoned as PH (Park Historic) when East Elkhorn Ranch received the property from the City of Casper in a 2015 land swap deal.

The ranch, which was owned by now deceased businessman Mick McMurry, owned property on Casper Mountain. In the land swap deal, mountain land was transferred to the city which is now used for the trails system.

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East Elkhorn Ranch manager Tim Smith told the council on Jan. 7 that the Park Historic zoning designation meant that the property was undervalued at the time of the land swap, since that limited the possible uses for the property.

The city council approved the zone change on third reading during their Tuesday, Feb. 4 meeting. The property will now be zoned as C-4 (Highway Business).

The city council approved a request on second reading during their Tuesday, Jan. 21 meeting to re-zone that property as C-4 (Highway Business). They’ll need to do so on one further reading for the changes to become official.

East Elkhorn Ranch plans to sell the property.

The Planning and Zoning Commission had initially denied the re-zoning request, but the city council overturned that decision on Jan. 7.

Some individuals working at nearby businesses expressed concern about the re-zoning because the C-4 designation would allow the development of businesses such as liquor stores or truck stops on the property.

Their concern is due to surgery centers or substance abuse treatment centers being located in the area, saying that patients struggling with substance abuse could be tempted by a nearby liquor store or that gas stations could provide air quality concerns for the nearby surgery centers.

Further details of the re-zoning, including maps and letters from East Elkhorn Ranch and from concerned businesses near the property are available in the council’s work packet.

If you would like to contact members of the Casper City Council regarding this or any other issue, here is their contact information:

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Council members can also be reached by mail at: 200 N. David Street, 82601

If you would like to contact members in your specific ward, but don’t know which ward you are in, a map is available at the City of Casper’s website.