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Casper eyeing downtown parking lot for food truck and other community congregations (PHOTOS)

(Brendan LaChance, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — Since at least spring 2019, the Casper City Council have discussed the possibility of creating a space near downtown Casper for food trucks to park and serve customers.

The city is moving closer to an agreement with the State of Wyoming to lease the so-called “Goodstein Parking Lot,” which is located off of Collins Drive between David and Ash Streets. The city council are set to decide on Tuesday, April 7 whether to move forward with the execution of a lease agreement.

According to City Attorney John Henley, the lot is still being considered as a potential place to facilitate not only congregation space for food trucks, but also for other community activities such as pancake breakfasts or other events.

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The parking lot is located near this “Old Yellowstone District” sign along Midwest Avenue.(Brendan LaChance, Oil City)

The proposed lease agreement with the state would only cost Casper $1 per year, but Henley said the city is also discussing the possibility of paving the lot to better facilitate proposed usage.

Henley explains in a memo to the city council that the proposed lease agreement would be for an 18 year term, which could be extended down the road.

The city would be allowed to use the property for the following purposes under the proposed agreement:

  • government business
  • public parking
  • recreation
  • downtown civic activities

“In addition, up to 25% of the premises may be used as an outdoor recreational facility,” Henley adds.

A new state office building is being constructed near the parking lot. City Attorney John Henley says the state may wish to use the parking lot to accommodate employee parking in the fiture. (Brendan LaChance, Oil City)

The city would not be allowed to build any permanent indoor structures or structures for multi-level parking. While Casper would be allowed to pave the lot or carry out other improvements such as adding lighting or signage, once the lease is terminated, the state could require the city to remove improvements, with the exception of a paved parking lot.

After entering into the lease for three years, the state would have the ability to opt-out of the lease agreement. In order to do so under the proposed agreement, the state would have to provide notice three years in advance of the termination of the agreement.

“This means that the 18 year period could actually terminate in six years depending upon the plans of the state,” Henley said.

He adds in the memo that the approximate cost to “pave, line, sign and provide lighting to the parking lot” would be about $1 million.

(Brendan LaChance, Oil City)