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Knell ‘tired of the constant overreach’; running for Casper City Council

Bruce Knell is running for one of two available Ward I seats on the Casper City Council. (Courtesy of Bruce Knell)

CASPER, Wyo. — Bruce Knell says it is time for some change on the Casper City Council. He is running for one of two available Ward I seats on the Casper City Council.

“I love our community,” Knell said in an email to Oil City. “I am tired of the constant overreach and infringement on our rights, I am tired of the irresponsible spending of our tax dollars and the inability of council to listen to and represent the majority.”

“We need to get back to ‘community’ mindedness, take care of our infrastructure, stop throwing money around, and get back to providing the services for our people at a higher standard.”

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Knell says that his first priority if elected to council is to find ways to “curtail the spending on non-essential things and tighten our belts, build a bigger rainy day fund and get back to doing what the majority of our people want us to do.”

Knell added that he has recently sold his company and is now retired and therefore has time to focus on serving the city.

“I have an M.B.A. and my doctorate, I am well versed in economics and will be a great asset to our city, especially with the obvious cash shortfall we will be facing in the very near future,” he said. “Any business worth their salt knows that when times get tough, money gets short, you must tighten your belt, that means cutting budgets, making employee cuts, and making those tough decisions that are required for survival of our city.”

“I am sorry to say that the spending of money, bleeding of money, the control being exercised by the council is not something I can support. I am hoping there is a cleaning of house this election so that we can get some fresh perspective on how to save and balance a budget that is out of control. If you are truly as fed up as I am, let your voice be heard this election.”

Knell said that he was pleased the city and the council decided to open some community pools this summer. The council considered not opening the pools this summer due to restrictions on the number of people who would be able to access them amid the COVID-19 pandemic and as a way to save some money with a rocky budget picture on the horizon.

Knell said that he doesn’t think the city council elections should be “a popularity contest.”

“Decisions need to be made with the betterment of our community as a whole [in mind],” he said. “The nepotism and back scratching need to stop, I will fight against it every time.”

Knell adds that he is a “devout Christian, educated businessman with common sense.”

“It is time for a change in the right direction,” he said. “It starts here, it starts now. I would appreciate your vote in November. A vote for me is a vote for conservative leadership with integrity.”

Candidates chosen to serve on the Casper City Council are elected to four year terms. Knell is running for one of two seats available in Ward I. Candidates for the contests in each of Casper’s three wards are as follows (links to Oil City’s coverage of each of the candidates will be added as we complete those):

Casper’s Ward boundaries are available in a map online.

NOTE: Oil City has reached out to all city council candidates via email. We will provide profiles of each of the candidates in the order that we receive their responses.