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Casper agrees to provide $2,995.06 in services for Christmas parade

(Dan Cepeda, Oil City File)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Casper City Council authorized a contract between the city and the Casper Area Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday that will allow the city to provide services for the downtown Christmas parade this year.

The city will provide services valued at $2,995.06 for the parade at no cost to the Casper Area Chamber of Commerce.

That includes 19 hours of police overtime at the cost of $1,178. The city will also provide $190 in trash services and three hours of Solid Waste Division time, valued at $127.62. Streets Division overtime of 36 hours is valued at $1,459.44.

The city typically asks organizations to cover half the cost when it provides in-kind services for parades. However, the Casper Area Chamber of Commerce is taking over organization of the downtown Casper Christmas parade from the Downtown Casper Business Association because the DCBA was unable to organize this year’s parade due to financial constraints.

Gena Jensen told the city council on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce during a work session in September that the organization would not be able to put on the parade without Casper offering to cover 100% of the cost of services the city provides for the parade.

Jensen said that she is aware that the city typically asks organizations seeking such support to apply for it through its annual Community Promotions process. However, the Casper Area Chamber of Commerce only took on organizing the parade in September, so there was not time to apply through the regular Community Promotions process.