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Beer at the movies? Studio City Mesa seeking Casper liquor license

Studio City Mesa (Screenshot via Google Street View)

CASPER, Wyo. — Movie Palace Inc. is seeking a restaurant liquor license from the City of Casper for the Studio City Mesa Cinemas located on the west side of town, according to a memo from city staff.

A restaurant liquor license would allow the theaters to sell alcohol so long as 60% of the business’s sales comes from food rather than alcohol.

City staff explain in a memo that Movie Palace Inc. had also asked about getting a restaurant liquor license for Studio City East. However, Casper’s municipal code only allows a single entity to obtain a single restaurant permit.

In order for Movie Palace Inc. to get a second restaurant liquor license, the city council would need to change the municipal code, according to city staff. The other option would be for the applicant to apply under a different corporation, but city staff state in the memo that Movie Palace Inc. does not wish to do so at this time.

The Casper City Council on Tuesday will consider establishing December 7 as the public hearing on whether to grant the restaurant liquor license to Studio City Mesa.

The city can issue an unlimited number of restaurant liquor licenses in Casper. Each license costs $1,500.

Oil City reached out to Movie Palace Inc. on Tuesday to request further information about its plans for the liquor license at Studio City Mesa, but they declined to offer comment at this time.

Studio City Mesa is located at 3150 Talon Drive in Casper.