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Casper contracting Alpha Facilities Solutions to assess condition of all city facilities

(Casper Family Aquatic Center, Facebook)

CASPER, Wyo. — Alpha Facilities Solutions will be conducting assessments of all 127 City of Casper–owned facilities under a $64,200.72 agreement with the city.

The Casper City Council on Tuesday authorized the agreement between the city and Alpha Facilities Solutions. The citywide facilities condition assessments will be conducted in order to help gain a comprehensive understanding of what repair and replacement needs the facilities have over both the short and long term.

Casper Parks, Recreation and Public Facilities Director Zulima Lopez told the city council on Tuesday, October 26 that the city received quotes from five companies to conduct the assessments. Staff recommended contracting with Alpha Facilities Solutions since it had provided the lowest bid.

With the city council setting an assessment of infrastructure as one of its priority goals, the city budgeted for up to $100,000 for such assessments in the current fiscal year budget.

Of the 127 total facilities owned by the city, Alpha will conduct full assessments of 35 facilities the city has determined as priority, according to Lopez. Those 35 facilities will have every system assessed and Alpha will provide a full narrative report on needs for those facilities as part of the contract. The remaining facilities will also be assessed and given a facility condition index rating along with estimated costs for future replacements and repairs.

Assessments will include looks at both exterior systems, such as roofs, walls, windows and doors, and interior systems, such as doors, walls, HVAC, electrical, plumbing and fire protection, according to Lopez. In a few cases, the assessments will also evaluate elevator systems.

Lopez told the council in October that the city fully expects that the outcome of the assessments “will be that we need a lot of improvements.” With much of the city’s infrastructure aging, the citywide assessment will guide the creation of a 20-year capital renewal schedule for the city.

Under the contract with Alpha, the city will be able to access information specific to each facility via an online “APPS” system that the company utilizes. The city would be able to continue accessing this system if it pays for an annual subscription that would cost around $3,500 per year.