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Bertoglio, Kaufman retain leadership positions on Natrona County Commission

Commissioner Rob Hendry, Chairman Paul Bertoglio, Madam Vice Chair Brook Kaufman, and Commissioner Dave North (Gregory Hirst)

CASPER, Wyo. — Leadership of the Natrona County Commission will remain in place for another year.

At the regular meeting Tuesday, January 4, the commission elected to retain Paul Bertoglio as chairman and Brook Kaufman as vice chair. 

Natrona County Attorney Eric Nelson said leadership roles are typically chosen at the the beginning of each new year. Bertoglio told Oil City that though leadership positions are selected every year, the same roles are typically held for two years.

Each commissioners’ vote holds the same weight regardless of leadership position. Bertoglio said that the chairman bears some additional responsibilities, including running meetings, speaking for the commission at public events, and being the commission’s point of contact for other county personnel on internal matters.