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County may adopt amendments to subdivision regulations ahead of full rewrite

Porter Jackson, 5, rides her bike along the cul-de-sac at Harris Crossing recently. The new 13-house subdivision in south Casper is being completely developed by Habitat for Humanity, Heart of Wyoming. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City News)

CASPER, Wyo. — Natrona County gave notice Tuesday of its intention to consider adopting amendments to the 2013 Subdivision Resolution ahead of a full rewrite later this year.

Megan Nelms, the county’s senior planner, told the commission that certain changes should be adopted in the short term, “mainly to reduce regulatory and budgetary burdens on the county.”

A 45-day public comment period opened Tuesday, and the commission will consider adopting the amendments June 21.

The amendments include shifting the responsibility for publishing the notice of intent to subdivide from the county to the applicant. State statute does not dictate that this responsibility fall on the county, Nelms said.

There are also revisions to language clarifying the kinds of landowner association entities that must be in place to maintain the proposed subdivision’s infrastructure.

The amendments and explanatory notes can be found beginning on page 220 of the commissioners’ meeting packet.

(Natrona County Government)