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Natrona County approves salary increase for next slate of elected officials

The Natrona County Commission 5/17/22 (Gregory Hirst, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Natrona County Commission has raised salaries for the county’s next slate of elected officials, following a salary cap increase at the state level earlier this year.

The bill brought the salaries of county assessors, attorneys, clerks, clerks of district court, sheriffs and treasurers to, at maximum, parity with circuit court judges, stated in Title 5 at $145,000. 

Natrona County’s elected officers have not received a salary increase in at least 10 years, chairman Paul Bertoglio told Oil City. He added that, per state statute, the raises will only apply to those who are next elected into the positions.

According to the county’s resolution, the salary for a commissioner is now $35,000 per year, up from $25,000.

The Natrona County clerk, coroner, assessor, treasurer, and clerk of district court will earn $115,000.

Previously, the salaries were:

  • Coroner $75,000 annually
  • Clerk of District Court: $90,000 annually
  • Assessor: $90,000 annually
  • Treasurer:  $90,000 annually

The sheriff’s salary also increased from $100,000 to $125,000 annually.

The resolution can be found of page 82 of the commissioners’ meeting packet.