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Casper budget amendment needed for ~$8M police HQ purchase and other expenses

Casper Police Chief Keith McPheeters discussing the purchase of the Casper Business Center, visibile in the background, at a press conference on May 11. (Brendan LaChance, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Casper City Council will be asked Tuesday to consider authorizing a budget amendment to add $9,632,192 in spending authority to the current fiscal year budget.

The amendment to the FY 2022 budget is needed to cover $8,047,364 in costs related to the purchase of the Casper Business Center, which the City Council authorized in April with plans for the building to eventually house police headquarters, municipal court and other city services.

The amendment will also add $905,950 in spending authority to cover other expenses without offsetting revenue that were not part of the initial FY 2022 budget, a memo from city staff said. $1,606,878 would also be added to give authority for city expenses that are either partially or fully funded via offsetting revenues.

The amendment would also unappropriate $825,000 in spending authority that was added into the budget by a previous amendment in the Refuse Fund. The $825,000 was actually authorized in the budget as initially passed before it was duplicated in the first amendment to the budget passed by the City Council, according to city staff.

There are some other adjustments to the budget included in the amendment, which will be the third amendment to the FY 2022 budget if the City Council approves it on Tuesday. The net impact of the amendment to the city’s various funds totals $8,477,742 after considering unanticipated revenues and transfers, according to the staff memo.

The council will also consider adopting a new FY 2023 budget on Tuesday, with details about the new budget proposal available here.

City staff memos explaining the proposed budget amendment are as follows: