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Bar Nunn Street Revitalization Plan recommendations to be unveiled in virtual presentation

Recommendations for the Bar Nunn Streetscape Revitalization Plan will be unveiled on Thursday, Aug. 18. (Bar Nunn Streetscape Revitalization Plan, Facebook)

CASPER, Wyo. — Recommendations that have been developed as part of the Bar Nunn Streetscape Revitalization Plan will be unveiled during a virtual presentation that will be held via Zoom from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 18.

People can access the Zoom call in order to hear about the recommendations from the Casper Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Town of Bar Nunn and the consulting firms Y2 Consultants and Harmony Design.

“Bar Nunn was built atop old Wardwell Airfield, and its former runways and taxiways were repurposed as subdivision streets,” a Friday press release shared by the Casper Area MPO said. “This study examines how to best redesign the runway and taxiway streets to most efficiently serve community needs and promote property values.

“The study considered multiple objectives including safety, maintenance cost, aesthetics, recreation, pedestrians and bicyclists, economic development, and property values.”

After the presentation on Aug. 18, the draft plan will be made available online at casperareampo.org or in hard copy at the Natrona County Library, 307 E. 2nd St., or the Casper Area MPO office in Casper City Hall, 200 N. David St.

The virtual presentation will mark the start of a 30-day public comment period for the draft plan. People can provide comment in the following ways:

For the Zoom call, the Casper Area MPO shared the following details:

“Si se requiere documentos o ayuda en español acerca de este proyecto, lláme al Casper Area MPO a 307-235-8255,” the Casper Area MPO said.