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Casper’s first-ever ‘StoryWalk’ proposed for riverside trail near Crossroads Park

The StoryWalk idea started at the Kellogg-Hubbard Library in Montpelier, Vermont. This photo is from a StoryWalk installed through a project at Gunn Memorial Junior Library of Washington, Connecticut. (Kellogg-Hubbard Library)

CASPER, Wyo. — Casper’s first-ever “StoryWalk” is being proposed for a section of the trail along the Platte River adjacent to Crossroads Park.

On Tuesday, the Casper City Council will discuss a proposed agreement with the Natrona County Public Library for the installation of the StoryWalk infrastructure and maintenance of it.

The library approached the Platte River Trails Trust regarding the concept in April 2022, according to a memo from City of Casper staff. The trust then approached the city about it and the three groups agreed that Crossroads Park would be a good location for the new StoryWalk as it is easily accessible and wide enough for the project.

“A StoryWalk allows children and families to enjoy reading and outdoor spaces at the same time,” Zulima Lopez, Casper’s Parks, Recreation and Public Facilities director, and Randy Norvelle, Casper Parks manager, said in the memo. “It is comprised of stands placed along a trail approximately twenty (20) feet apart. Each stand contains a page from a children’s picture book, which is read as the reader walks along the trail.”

The proposed agreement between the city and the library would allow the library to install and maintain the StoryWalk on city property near Crossroads Park. The library would be required to inspect the StoryWalk at least once per month and conduct any repairs or replacements needed, including the removal of graffiti, according to the staff memo.

“The City of Casper will have no liability related to the StoryWalk, or responsibility to maintain any part of the amenity, but may remove components as needed if determined to be unsafe or unsightly due to disrepair,” Lopez and Norvelle said. “The City retains the right to remove the StoryWalk in its entirety if it is not properly maintained, with any associated costs borne by the Library.”

The City Council would need to formally approve the memorandum of understanding with the library during a regular meeting in order for the project to move forward.