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Motorists urged to use caution as city works to plow streets - Casper, WY Oil City News

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Motorists urged to use caution as city works to plow streets

Roadways are covered in snow along 2nd Street in Casper. (Klark Byrd, Oil City News)

CASPER, Wyo. — City of Casper snow removal teams are fighting heavy snow accumulation and strong winds with 24-hour plowing, but roads remain hazardous and drivers are urged to use extreme caution.

“Mother Nature continues to out-man us with this latest storm,” Traffic Manager Shad Rodgers said. “Casper is experiencing unusually high snow volume this month, and a winter storm warning is in effect all weekend. Snowplow crews will continue working around the clock.”

The ongoing snowfall and dangerous road conditions have led to several businesses, organizations and events closing early today, and have shut down several highways.

Drivers are encouraged to only take to the roadways if necessary and to exercise extreme caution. Drivers should allow more space between them and other vehicles than usual and begin slowing down to stop earlier than they would otherwise.