Casper Regional Landfill (Google Maps screenshot)

CASPER, Wyo. — On Tuesday, the Casper City Council authorized an agreement between the City of Casper and Treto Construction LLC for a stormwater improvements project at the Solid Waste facility.

The project will include the widening of Langston Lane and improvements to things like weirs, sumps, stormwater pipes and catch basins, a City of Casper staff memo states.

Treto Construction submitted a $177,500 bid, the lowest of four bids received by the city, for the project. The four bids were as follows:

The City Council’s decision on Tuesday also authorized a $17,750 construction contingency account for a total project amount of $192,250.

“The Engineer’s estimate prepared by the City Engineering Office was $155,585,” the staff memo noted. “Engineering had underestimated the unit price for concrete work. The correct unit prices would have resulted in a revised Engineer’s estimate of $171,210.”

$150,000 of the funding needed for the project was budgeted for in the Fiscal Year 2022–2023 Balefill Reserves budget.

“A $60,000 budget transfer has been processed to cover the shortfall coming from delaying the replacement of grader equipment,” the staff memo added.

The project is expected to be substantially completed by May 12, 2023. The full staff memo can be reviewed below: