The Casper City Council held a regular meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 21. (Screenshot via City of Casper)

CASPER, Wyo. — On Tuesday, the Casper City Council gave its formal approval for the City of Casper to enter a settlement agreement with Wyoming Roofing LLC and the Westchester Fire Insurance Co.

The settlement agreement is related to a Fire Station No. 3 roof replacement project, a memo from Deputy City Attorney Wallace Trembath stated. On April 19, 2022, the city contracted Wyoming Roofing to perform roof replacement work at Fire Station No. 3, the memo added.

“On or about May 12, 2022, the Westchester Fire Insurance Company (‘Surety’) and issued payment and performance bond no. K40536322 in the penal sum of One Hundred Fifty-Four Thousand, One Hundred One Dollars ($154,101.00) to guarantee Wyoming Roofing’s performance and payment obligations under the Contract,” the memo said.

The city sent correspondence to Westchester Fire Insurance Co. on or about June 21, 2022, to inform the company that Wyoming Roofing had ceased operations and that Wyoming roofing had defaulted under its contract with the city by not performing the work, Trembath’s memo added. The city also communicated it was making a claim on the performance bond Westchester Fire Insurance Co. had provided.

“The City’s allegations in the correspondence concerning Wyoming Roofing are disputed by Wyoming Roofing and the Surety,” Trembath’s memo added. “The Parties negotiated the dispute and now desire to enter into a Settlement Agreement and Release to resolve the matter.”

The city would receive $129,000 under the settlement agreement.

“It is understood and agreed by the City that this settlement is a compromise of the disputed Bond Claim, and the payment provided for herein is not to be construed as an admission of liability on the part of the Surety, by whom liability is expressly denied,” the terms of the settlement agreement and release state.

The full memo, settlement agreement and release can be reviewed as follows: