Metro Animal Shelter (Gregory Hirst, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — On Tuesday, the Casper City Council indicated its support for a staff recommendation that the City of Casper pursue adding a new backup power generator at the Metro Animal Shelter.

The facility was built in 1984 and has seen some power failure issues in recent years, including a failure that impacted heating infrastructure in 2022, a memo from Casper Police Department staff stated. The backup generator would reduce the risk that the facility would see outages impacting things like heat and air conditioning that maintain the environment for animals and staff at the shelter.

City Manager Carter Napier told the City Council the hope is to have a new backup generator procured and installed in time for the summer season.

Police Chief Keith McPheeters told the City Council it remains uncertain exactly how much a new backup generator would cost. Staff brought the recommendation to the City Council in order to get approval to move forward with a request for a proposal process that would result in exact bid amounts, he added. A preliminary cost estimate for the new generator would be around $90,000, plus about $15,000 for an engineering study, McPheeters said.

Money for the generator would come from the Metro Animal Shelter Reserve Fund.

Further details are provided in the following memo: