Alicyn (Ali) Roberson (Photo courtesy of NCSD)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Natrona County School District is proud to announce Alicyn (“Ali”) Roberson as the recipient of the district’s Teacher of the Year award. Roberson, a science teacher at Kelly Walsh High School, has been a valued member of NCSD since 2013, specializing in chemistry and physical science.

Roberson is renowned for her innovative teaching methods that engage and excite her students. Assistant Principal Wayne Tuttle praised her ability to bring science to life in the classroom, incorporating hands-on experiences such as exploring fireworks while studying compound naming, understanding how soap fights off disease during bonding lessons, and delving into nuclear energy and its potential through nuclear chemistry. She also emphasizes the development of 21st century skills like collaboration, a growth mindset and resiliency.

Roberson’s dedication, professionalism and commitment to the success of her students, colleagues and the school are commendable traits that she embodies with humility and a servant’s heart, according to a press release from the school district.

Recognizing the importance of supporting all students, Roberson creates a classroom environment where students feel valued, cared for and authentic. She sets high expectations for their growth, fosters a passion for chemistry, encourages risk-taking and ensures her students know she cares about their well-being beyond the classroom. Roberson celebrates their successes and maintains a genuine interest in their progress even after they have moved on from her class.

Inspired by exceptional educators who invested in her own academic success, Roberson is determined to do the same for her students. She aspires to provide support, guidance in future plans and a listening ear to her students, acknowledging the significance of being heard.

Roberson believes that teaching extends beyond the curriculum and aims to be remembered by her students as one of their favorite teachers. She demonstrates that teachers can set boundaries, hold high expectations and hold students accountable while showing care and concern for their personal growth.

NCSD congratulates Ms. Roberson on this well-deserved recognition for her outstanding contributions to educational excellence in the community.

NCSD would also like to extend congratulations to each of the nominated certified teachers for the Teacher of the Year award program. The nominees, recognized by their colleagues, exemplify the following qualities:

  • Expertise in their field, guiding students of all backgrounds to achieve excellence
  • Collaboration with colleagues, students and families to foster a culture of respect and success
  • Establishment of strong connections between the classroom and the community
  • Demonstration of leadership and innovation in and outside of the classroom, embodying a passion for lifelong learning
  • Effective communication skills that engage and articulate ideas

Congratulations to the following outstanding nominees:

  • Angela Barnosky
  • Chris Beamer
  • Jennifer Bonnett
  • Micade Brack
  • Kathy Flemming
  • Britney Holbrook
  • Amy Hoppens
  • Jennifer Leimback
  • Melissa Mattila
  • Hannah Miller
  • Bryce Mittelstadt
  • Schlee Weis