Casper City Council (YouTube screenshot)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Casper City Council has approved the reappointment of Kermit Wille to the City of Casper Investment Advisory Committee following his two-year term.

Established in 2020 through Resolution 20-168, the Investment Advisory Committee aids the city in crafting and sustaining investment policies that align with legal requirements and optimize return opportunities. The committee’s primary goals are Legality, Safety, Liquidity and Return on Investment.

After his initial two-year service, Wille expressed his desire to continue contributing to the committee. The committee’s next term for members will span three years. Wille’s extensive experience in the banking sector has significantly benefited the committee, according to a memo prepared for the City Council.

Wille’s banking career started in Casper post-graduation. He began at Wyoming National Bank in 1989, transitioned to First Interstate Bank in 1992, and over 28 years rose from commercial lender to commercial loan manager, ultimately becoming president. In 2019, Wille took the initiative to establish a new Casper branch for First State Bank.

A University of Montana alumnus, Wille holds a BS in Business Administration with a Minor in Economics and a focus on finance. Over his three decades in Casper, he has contributed to Leadership Casper, The Platte River Parkway Trust, the Special Olympics Board, the Downtown Development Authority, Advance Casper and the Casper/Natrona County International Airport Board of Trustees.

The Investment Advisory Committee consists of at least three community members appointed by the Casper City Council. Its advisory role ensures that the City of Casper’s investment objectives are met, although it doesn’t have the authority to obligate the city contractually and members do not receive, directly or indirectly, any payment for consulting, advising or other services to the City of Casper.

Advisors must disclose conflicts of interest that may arise in regard to asset placements or investment strategies and refrain from endorsing recommendations related to those conflicts.

Current committee members include Brenda Janikowski, Kermit Wille and Bill Thompson.

The reappointment memo can be found below.