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Casper Area Education Foundation: Seniors graduating in 2022 can apply for trustee scholarships

NCHS 2021 graduation ceremony. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Casper Area Education Foundation is inviting high school seniors graduating in 2022 to apply for trustee scholarships. The $2,000 scholarships are awarded to three students who “have a thoughtful plan for their future and hopes of giving back to their local, state, national, or international community.”

The foundation announced Friday that graduating seniors from Natrona County School District high schools “who have demonstrated exceptional personal and academic growth” are now able to apply for the trustee scholarships. The deadline to apply is March 18, 2022.

“Over the years, we’ve been incredibly fortunate to be able to support students on their next steps after graduation, whether that is attending a university, college, trade school, military academy, or a study abroad educational opportunity,” Casper Area Education Foundation President Thea True-Wells said. “We encourage students from across the district, NCHS, KWHS, Midwest, and Roosevelt, to apply for this scholarship opportunity.”

The Casper Area Education Foundation offers other scholarships in addition to the trustee scholarships:

  • Todd Hallsted Memorial Scholarship for a Natrona County High School grad in the top 20% and involved in extracurricular activity.
  • Trevor Ryan Dieter Memorial Scholarship for a Kelly Walsh High School music graduate.
  • Ted Kearns Memorial Endowment for two Natrona County School art awards.
  • Rita Livingston Scholarship for an outstanding Kelly Walsh High School math and science student.
  • Susan Penny Porter Memorial Scholarship for Kelly Walsh drama graduates.
  • NCHS ROTC Scholarship for program graduates.
  • Hunter Lewis Fittje Memorial Scholarship for outstanding NCSD students.