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Absentee voting for Primary Election kicks off; ballots available at Natrona County Clerk’s Office

File Photo; Oil City News

CASPER, Wyo. — Absentee voting for the 2022 Primary Election in Wyoming kicked off on Friday, July 1.

Any qualified elector in Wyoming is able to vote via absentee ballot. In Natrona County, people have several options for voting via absentee ballot, according to the Natrona County Clerk’s Office:

  • People can cast an absentee ballots in-person from July 1-August 15 during normal business hours at the Natrona County Clerk’s Office, 200 N. Center St. in Casper.
  • People can also request an absentee ballot online or by calling 307-235-9217. Absentee ballots must be returned it the Natrona County Clerk’s Office by 7 p.m. Tuesday, August 16, the official day of the Primary Election.
    • Note: Absentee ballots cannot be accepted at polling places on Tuesday, August 16, though they can still be accepted at the Natrona County Clerk’s Office.
  • Military and residents of Wyoming who are overseas and want to vote absentee can visit the Wyoming Secretary of State’s website for more information.

People voting in person in Wyoming area required to show identification. There are a variety of forms of ID accepted with details available from the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office website.

After voters select candidates in the primaries, absentee voting for Wyoming’s General Election will begin on Friday, September 23 with the General Election set for Tuesday, November 8.

Oil City has sent candidate questionnaires to candidates who will appear on Natrona County ballots seeking office municipal or county office or a seat in the Wyoming Legislature. Some candidates have already responded and Oil City will continue to publish candidate questionnaires as those are receive. The candidate questionnaires and other elections related news is available under the Elections tab on our website.

Candidates who have filed for federal, state, county and municipal office that will appear on ballots in Natrona County are as follows (asterisks indicate the candidate is an incumbent):

(Federal) U.S. Representative two-year term

  • Robyn M. Belinskey (R) 
  • Anthony Bouchard (R) 
  • Liz Cheney (R)* 
  • Harriet Hageman (R) 
  • Denton Knapp (R) 
  • Lynnette Greybull (D)
  • Steve Helling (D)
  • Meghan R. Jensen (D)

Wyoming Governor (four-year term)

  • Brent Bien (R) 
  • Mark Gordon (R)*
  • James Scott Quick (R) 
  • Rex Rammel (R) 
  • Theresa A. Livingston (D)
  • Rex Wilde (D)

Secretary of State

  • Mark Armstrong (R) 
  • Dan Dockstader (R) 
  • Chuck Gray (R) 
  • Tara Nethercott (R) 

State Auditor

  • Kristi Racines (R) 

State Treasurer

  • Bill Gallop (R)
  • Curt Meier (R)*

Superintendent of Public Instruction

  • Megan Degenfelder (R)
  • Thomas Kelly (R)
  • Brian Schroeder (R)*
  • Robert J. White III (R)
  • Jennifer Zerba (R)
  • Sergio A. Maldonado, Sr. (D)

Seventh Judicial District Attorney

  • Dan J Itzen (R)*

Wyoming State Senate (four-year seats)

Senate District 27: 

  • Bill Landen (R)

Senate District 29:

  • Bob Ide (R)
  • Drew Perkins (R)*

Wyoming House of Representatives (2-year seats)

House District 62:

  • Forrest Chadwick (R)
  • Stan Mitchem (R)

House District 57: 

  • Thomas Myler (R)
  • Jeanette Ward (R)
  • Robert Johnson (D)

House District 58:

  • Bill Allemand (R) 
  • Patrick “Pat” Sweeney (R)

House District 59: 

  • John Gudger (R)
  • Kevin C. O’Hearn  (R)*

House District 56: 

  • Jerry Obermueller (R)

House District 38: 

  • Tom Walters (R)

House District 37: 

  • Steve Bray (R)
  • Steve Harshman (R)

House District 36: 

  • Debra L. Cheatham (R)
  • Art Washut (R)*

House District 35: 

  • Tony Locke (R)
  • Joe MacGuire (R)*

Natrona County

Commission (Four-year terms, three available):

  • Jim Milne (R)*
  • Paul Bertoglio (R)*
  • Dallas Laird
  • Peter C Nicolaysen (R)*
  • Shianne Huston (R)
  • Kianna Smith (R)
  • Terry Wingerter (R)
  • Tom Radosevich (D)

Two-year term (one available):

  • Rob Hendry (R)*
  • Curt Simpson Jr
  • Steven Freel

Natrona County Coroner (four-year term):

  • James Whipps (R)*

Natrona County Sheriff (four-year term):

  • John Harlin (R): The former deputy sheriff was appointed in 2021 by the Natrona County Commission.

Natrona County Treasurer (four-year term):

  • Tom Doyle (R)*

Natrona County Assessor (four-year term):

  • Matt Keating (R)
  • Tammy Saulsbury (R)
  • Tim Haid (R)

Clerk of District Court

  • Jill Kiester (R)

Casper City Council

Steve Freel and Ray Pacheco have four-year terms expiring in Ward III. Shawn Johnson’s term in Ward II is expiring. Jai-Ayla Sutherland’s seat in Ward I is also expiring. The new Ward Map is available here.

Ward I:

  • Gena Jensen
  • John M Minchow
  • Dennis Rollins
  • Travis Van Hecke
  • Jai-Ayla Sutherland (appointed in 2021)

Ward II:

  • Michael Bond
  • Dan Elston
  • Eric D Paulson
  • Nikki Green

Ward III:

  • Ryan Amadio
  • Brandy Haskins
  • Ray Pacheco*
  • Trevor Mahlum
  • Woody Warren

Bar Nunn Town Council

  • Steven Clark
  • Bryan A Clines
  • Tim Ficken
  • Tyler Marton
  • Kimberly S Zahara

Bar Nunn Town Mayor

  • Peter Boyer

Evansville Town Council

  • Greh Flesvig
  • Joseph A Knop
  • Candace Machado

Evansville Town Mayor

  • Chad Edwards
  • Steve Krohn

Evansville Town Council (2 year unexpired)

  • Walt Berans
  • Dacia Edwards

Mills City Council

  • Franklin A Bever
  • Cherie Butcher
  • Conner Cane
  • James Hollander
  • Darla R Ives
  • Timothy Sutherland

Mills City Mayor

  • Seth M Coleman
  • Leah Juarez
  • Bradley D Neumiller