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Candidate Questionnaire: Steve Harshman for House District 37

Steve Harshman is seeking reelection to the House District 37 seat in the Wyoming Legislature. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — Election season is underway and Oil City News has sent a list of questions to candidates for the Wyoming Legislature out of Natrona County who have filed to run in the primary election in August.

These questions are designed to give our readers a better understanding of the people behind the names on the ballot. Below, get to know Steve Harshman, who is running for reelection to the House District 37 seat in the Wyoming Legislature:

1. Who are you? (name, where you’re from, employment, hobbies, etc.)

Steve Harshman. Native, born and raised in Natrona County.  Grew up in Midwest. Teacher & Coach. Outdoors and reading.

2. Why have you decide to run for office and what do you hope to accomplish should you be elected?

I was born and raised in Natrona County. As a parent and citizen, I want to serve and solve problems for ordinary people. I will continue to work on issues that affect all of us. My list of work is extensive. I am 100% on life and family issues. I am 100% on our 2nd Amendment rights. I have been responsible for saving more money than any serving legislator. My work and planning has more than quadrupled our Permanent Mineral Trust Fund to over $9 billion. It now provides 27% of our state revenue. I authored the Hathaway Scholarship which has been incredible for our children. I recently authored the Wyoming’s Tomorrow scholarship which will continue to change families who have committed to Wyoming. I have balanced more budgets, trimmed more spending than anyone and helped my colleagues accomplish many of their goals for Wyoming. Perhaps that is why they asked me to be their Speaker of the House. If reelected, I will continue to bring experience, hardwork and common sense to our Wyoming Legislature. In the end it is service to others that builds a life, a family, a community, a state and a nation.

3. How do you plan on accomplishing your goals?

Successful legislating is much like any other endeavor in life.  You have to plan, work, collaborate with others, take advice, listen, read, learn and build a team.  No one accomplishes anything alone.  It is about Wyoming Common Sense.  It is about solving problems and not creating them.  Every problem has a solution.  It takes hard work and time and effort to do it right.  

4. What experience do you have that qualifies you for the office you are seeking?

I have life experiences from ranch work to oil fields to my career as a teacher and coach as well as a husband to Becky (35 years) and dad to 4 great kids (Sara, Megan, Josh, Jesse) that have given me a blessing of experiences that I put to work representing my ordinary people. 

5. Do you feel you could be a good steward with taxpayer dollars? Why or why not?

Yes and I have proven it over the years.  I remember the old bumper sticker “Lord give me one more boom and I promise not to waste it.”   Those of us who are natives or long timers here know the reality of this cycle.  We are experts in Wyoming of taking money during the good times and saving and investing it to provide for the inevitable lean times.  I am one of the leaders in this area.  I have been responsible for saving more money than any serving legislator. My work and planning has saved billions in our trust funds.  Wyoming is the best run state in the union. We have zero debt, we pay every bill and we have money in savings.

6. On the issue of transparency, where do you stand on ensuring all public business is conducted openly and in a manner that encourages public attendance?  

As Chairman of Appropriations I opened all the documents up to members and the public.  As Speaker of the House I opened all the proceedings up so citizens can testify from home around the state on every topic and at every meeting.

7. How have you made your office or board more transparent and open with the public?

The items I listed above are great examples.

8. If you are presiding over a meeting and a topic was being discussed that you didn’t fully understand, would you ask for a more detailed explanation during the meeting or would you seek the information after the meeting? 

Both, many times I ask too many questions and you have to be mindful of everyone else’s time.  The key for me is to do my reading and homework early so I am prepared for the meetings.

9. Should you be elected, or re-elected, do you plan on seeking any major policy changes in your chosen office? If yes, what would those changes be? If no, why not?

I will continue to make sure our Constitution is followed, our rights protected, our institutions are strengthened.  I will keep working for our “All of the above”  Energy policy.  The nuclear plant in Kemmerer is a result of a bill I authored over 10 years ago.  I will continue to work for the future of Wyoming.  The sun will come up and I will keep working to keep Wyoming Wonderful for our grandparents, our parents, our kids and grandkids. 

10. Is there anything the above questions didn’t ask that you would like to comment on? 

Thank you for the opportunity to serve and to ask for your vote. If folks want to visit please call anytime 262-8075. 

NOTE: All primary candidates who filed to run for a seat in the Wyoming Legislature were sent questionnaires at the same time and Oil City News will publish responses in the order they are received. Candidate responses are only edited for clarity and style.

If you are a candidate and did not see the questionnaire in your inbox, please email news@oilcity.news. Oil City News sent questionnaires to Natrona County candidates running in the primary for municipal, county office or a seat in the Wyoming Legislature based on email addresses shared by the Natrona County Clerk’s Office; if you would prefer the questionnaire sent to a different address, please let us know.