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Candidate Questionnaire: Brad Neumiller for Mills City Mayor

Brad Neumiller is running for Mills City Mayor. (Courtesy City of Mills)

CASPER, Wyo. — Election season is underway and Oil City News has sent a list of questions to candidates for local office in Natrona County who have filed to run in the primary election in August.

These questions are designed to give our readers a better understanding of the people behind the names on the ballot. Below, get to know Brad Neumiller, who is running for Mills City Mayor:

1. Who are you? (Name, where you’re from, employment, hobbies, etc.)

Brad Neumiller. I am from here in the Casper area. I was born in the Wyoming Medical Center, went to Evansville Elementary, Dean Morgan JH and NCHS. I am a Casper College and University of Wyoming graduate. I am a professional land surveyor and am currently the assistant survey manager of CEPI and have been there for over 10 years. Before that I was employed at WLC as a survey crew chief for 10 years. I grew up on a ranch out by Bates Creek area and enjoy hunting, fishing, camping and a good BBQ.

2. Why have you decided to run for office, and what do you hope to accomplish should you be elected?

I am running for mayor of Mills because I feel I can save the city money with project management skills, bidding out some jobs and applying the skills I use in my daily job. I would also like to see Mills look at a city manager form of government and balance out the power of the elected officials. This would make them the oversight and all with an equal voice and not a strong mayoral form of government with the mayor being the main voice and authority that we have now.

3. How do you plan on accomplishing your goals?

I will accomplish these goals starting at day one with setting up committees for the projects and requesting proposals for the contract work we have out now.

4. What experience do you have that qualifies you for the office you are seeking?

I have been on the council for two years now and have a good understanding of how things work and what could use some added attention. I have also been involved with several other organizations at the city, state and international levels. By being on the board of directors in these organizations and leading a few of them for several years, I have gained a fair amount of knowledge and thorough understanding of enterprise and business executive meetings, Robert’s Rules of Order, confidentiality and more that would prepare me for this position.

5. Do you feel you could be a good steward with taxpayer dollars? Why or why not?

Yes, I would be a good steward of the taxpayer dollars. The whole goal is to work on saving money so we can fully fund the municipality and take care of what we have efficiently and effectively. That is why I want to put things out to bid and change the form of government to save money in the end and prepare us for the next 100 years.

6. On the issue of transparency, where do you stand on ensuring all public business is conducted openly and in a manner that encourages public attendance?

Transparency is always good; the citizens need to know what is going on. I am always encouraging people to speak up and let the council know their thoughts. We need the input of the citizens in order to do our job effectively, and the only way you get constructive conversation from people is if they are informed of what is going on and can then help create answers, not arguments.

7. Do you believe the office or board position you seek has been open and honest with the public? If yes, how can the entity remain open and transparent when conducting public business moving forward. If not, what changes would you implement to ensure that all future dealings are open and transparent?

I have a Facebook page that I try to update with information from the council meetings. This invokes discussion and sometimes helps get things moving or brings people into a council meeting to discuss what they see.

8. If you were presiding over a meeting and a topic was being discussed that you didn’t fully understand, would you ask for a more detailed explanation during the meeting, or would you seek the information after the meeting?

This depends on the topic at hand and both asking there for more information or tabling an item for further information are correct avenues depending on the situation.

9. Should you be elected or reelected, do you plan on seeking any significant policy changes in your chosen office? If yes, what would those changes be? If not, why not?

If elected, I would work toward the city manager form of government. This does a couple things. First, it balances the power given to all the elected officials, making them the oversight of the municipality and all with an equal voice. This would allow for the stability of the municipality by keeping the overall day-to-day operations with those employed by the city and not in the hands of the mayor. The other thing this would do is limit the income that your council and mayor can make and ultimately save the city money. So what I am saying is if elected I would pursue a course of action that would cut the mayor salary in half and then cap it at that point for any time in the foreseeable future.

10. Is there anything the above questions didn’t ask that you would like to comment on? 

I think the City of Mills needs to look at the historical knowledge we have within the citizens and employees and then build off of that moving forward. Mills is a great place to be and with the help of our citizens and employees we can thrive and develop to heights above what we see today; after all, when they founded the City of Mills 100 years ago, without the hard work and dedication of the citizens of the time and the employees and volunteer staff they had, we would not be here today. So let’s focus on the future and leave to our kids and grandkids a better Mills than we have today! Vote Brad Neumiller for Mayor of Mills!

NOTE: All primary candidates who filed to run for the local office in Natrona County were sent questionnaires at the same time and Oil City News will publish responses in the order they are received. Candidate responses are only edited for clarity and style.

If you are a candidate and did not see the questionnaire in your inbox, please email news@oilcity.news. Oil City News sent questionnaires to Natrona County candidates running in the primary for municipal, county office or a seat in the Wyoming Legislature based on email addresses shared by the Natrona County Clerk’s Office; if you would prefer the questionnaire sent to a different address, please let us know.